Tuatara Kaitiaki (guardians)

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Mar 09 2015



Tuatara Origins – Peketua (the son of the earth mother, Papatuanuku, and the sky father, Ranginui) made an egg from clay and took it to Tane, God of the forest, who said, ‘Me Whakaira Tangata’ (give it life). This egg then produced the first Tuatara.

Kaitiaki (Guardians)

Kaitiaki is a person, group or being that acts as a caretaker, guardian, protector and conserver. The Gods of the natural world were considered to be the original Kaitiaki – for instance, Tane, God of the forest, was the Kaitiaki of the forest. All other Kaitiaki emulate the original ones.


Tuatara’s represent some of the ancient ones that prepared the way for what was to come during the creation of earth, they oversee the original plans set down by the Gods.


There are two ancient ones looking in opposite directions, one sees all that has been, the other all that is to come, the Carving represents a Waka (canoe) traveling through time with the ancients observing its course.

The canoe represents the journey of evolution of those residing within  Papatuanuku (Earth mother) traveling through the sea of Ranginui (Sky father) at the helm is a baby Tuatara representing the future, new hope and  discovering new horizons while always supported by a vast and wise genealogy





The Tuatara’s are carved from the Pohutakawa tree. A very hard and resilient wood, rarely carved due to the challenges it presents. The Pohutakawa tree produces prolific crimson blooms and is a Taonga (treasure) due to its significant beauty. The Pohutakawa is planted in memory of chiefs. Its healing power is recognized in bark juice and the nectar for diverse complaints.