The story of ‘THE Rivers of Life’& ‘The Ten Path Ways’

Posted by tribestr
Feb 15 2011

The story of ‘THE Rivers of Life’& ‘The Ten Path Ways’

the double sided carved Kauri disc


The double sided Disc started its life in the ancient kauri swamps of Northland New Zealand some 25,000 to 45,000 thousand years ago. A great apocalyptic event felled these great giants and covered them with earth and sand. Here they lay until they were salvaged from their resting place to make way for productive farm land. It was at this time Artist sculptor Kerry Strongman salvaged the tree that this wondrous Artifact was created from.

On the side that is named ‘The Rivers of Life’ a rhythmic wave flows around the complete circle of the disc. This represents the river of the life continuum, from mortality to immortality.

The circle of all things living.

Of life.

The second side represents ‘The Ten pathways’ The ten pathways could be interpreted many ways. For the Artist it is the journey from the beyond to the beyond. From conception to immortality. To Be Free of the mortal. It is said by the ancients that there are ten major “Pathways” or “Journeys” one takes during ones existence here on earth and that it is usually different for all of us.

The artist wishes you safe passage on “Your Life’s Journeys”

The outer edge of the disc represents the circle of life, the universe, the supreme being.


The inner circle of negative or no space represents past. present and future

This story and sculpture and its stories are hereby humbly tendered to you both or your enjoyment and pleasure.

Kerry Strongman Master Artist 9th of September 2010