STRONGMAN IS HERE 2! At Shell oil the Haig

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Dec 02 2012


The exhibition shows a collection of monumental sculptures created by Kerry Strongman from 25,000 to 45,000 year old New Zealand swamp Kauri. These sculptural works are  imposing and transformative, blending ancient and modern sculptural techniques and philosophies. The atmosphere and presence of Kerry Strongman’s work can only be fully appreciated when experienced at first hand. The artist even encourages people to physically touch his work.

Kerry Strongman only produces works that will bring pleasure to the eye as well as the mind. Always in the positive, never in the negative.

Inspirational material

The Kauri tree, named ‘Ancient Watcher’ or ‘Guardian’ by the Maori, can attain heights of 40 to 50 metres and trunk diameters of over 5 metres. Kauri trees are a protected species nowadays. All the ancient swamp Kauri wood Kerry Strongman uses has been salvaged from the swamps of the North Island, where the once huge prehistoric forests stood. Strongman not only carves and sculpts the ancient swamp Kauri. He works in many mediums, such as stone, various metals, crystal, amber, bronze, whalebone and jade glass.

Wherever Kerry Strongman’s artworks are placed, they seem to create inspirational environments; some even say they have a calming influence on the viewer and the environment.

Symbolic meaning

Ancestral knowledge and mythology play a significant role in Maori and Pacific culture. The different Maori symbols have diverse meanings and ideas associated with them. This symbolism is expressed in the form of carvings in wood, bone, jade and other stones, but also in songs, dance, weaving and other art forms.

Examples of these mythological, principal forms – from Maori as well as Celtic and European influences – can readily be identified in many of Kerry Strongman’s artworks.

About Kerry Strongman

Born in the King country of Irish, Scottish, European and Maori heritage, Kerry Strongman (1948) retired from the business world 16 years ago to become a full time artist.

Strongman has traveled extensively and draws his artistic inspiration from a wide range of cultural and philosophical viewpoints.

Most of Kerry Strongman’s sculptures find a home in private collections of art collectors who appreciate great forms and extremely rare timber. Artworks by Kerry Strongman have found their way into governmental, commercial and corporate buildings as well. There, the artworks have been put on display in areas such as receptions, lobbies and public art spaces.

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