The Giant Kauri


Tane Mahuta

The giant Kauri tree, a native of New Zealand is one of the largest trees found anywhere in the world. Living Kauri trees have been found as old as 4,000 years old with heights up to 150 feet and girth of 60 feet.

The Kauri tree is a national treasure (Toanga) of New Zealand and is a protected species. The wood used in the production of The Strongman Exhibition is sourced from swamp Kauri which can be carbon dated to between 25,000 – 45,000 years old. Thousands of years ago a natural disaster caused many Kauri forests to be covered and buried in swamps. The swamps perfectly preserved the characteristics of this wood.

The trunks can weigh up to 100 tons when harvested and a considerable amount of work, expertise and care is invested in the production of these unique artefacts.